What did they eat?

Bernie Sanders fresh off destroying Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary flies to New York to have breakfast with Rev Al Sharpton. So they sit there in a roped off section of a Harlem restaurant and chat. So there’s a couple cups on the table, maybe coffee for Bernie and tea for Al? I think that’s lemons next to Al so that my guess. And then a bottle of hot sauce, but no food in sight, did they eat? and more importantly what did they eat? Write us here at the blogman if you’ve got any ideas.


Make it at home!

Ok, today we are gonna make some easy stuff at home. Very easy, we’re using left overs, because why not? And we’re gonna have a bacon sandwich.

But we are just gonna get right to it, no prep work, people. Not this time, but next time, I promise you’ll see more.

First I’ll start with the leftovers. I had some sloppy joe left from a few days ago, I threw peas in my sloppy joe. I love peas, plus the green color makes it look cool.

I cubed up some potatoes fried with onions, then topped it with the slopy joe and atop that i put two basted eggs.

Check it….

^^^^That was so damn delicious, you have got to try it for yerself. I believe almost any meat fried up and placed atop of potatoes then covered with an egg would be delicious. so you can try it with anything, really!

Now the bacon sandwich. I used a slider size brioche bun, bacon, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts (these are key), and mayo. Mayo is a nice breakfast sandwich lubricant, really helps it slide down the gullet! Oh, most everything in my home is either organic or from a butcher the pasture raises his animals. They have great lives on the farm… just 1 bad day is all. One very bad day.

Let’s do it!

Finally, something SWEET for breakfast!

Ok, so finally we are gonna get a sweet treat for breakfast! And this is a good one, a real good one!

We are visiting one of L.A’s hottest spots: SQIRL, 720 N Virgil Ave, Suite 4 (East Hollywood).

Let’s get started. I got the “Famed RICOTTA Toast. Burnt Brioche Toast w/ House Ricotta, Choice of Seasonal Jam 7 (v)

I can’t even begin tot ell you just how delicious this damn thing was…. for real! I mean, sheesh! It will melt yer face off!!

I also got something salty, first I have sweet, then i need savory. So here we go…..

I got one of the Rice Bowls for my savory. This meal was delicious but needed a little something to offset the bitter/sour from the rice. But still, so very tasty, just needs a lil help is all.

And you know me: if it is good, it is gone!

And finally here are some random pics of the desserts and interior and exterior.

Big M just freaking sell ’em already!

I know, I know two McDonald’s posts in one week, sorry but sometimes I just can’t help it! so we all know All Day Breakfast is making Big M buck, so they’re thinking how can we cash in on this even more?… and they’ve come up with this, reintroducing a breakfast classic, which I’m fine with. But they’re doing it very cautiously again just testing in Tulsa and s l o w l y rolling them out… Hey Arches this is what you did with the all breakfast remember? and now it’s making you $$$$ so just grow a pair and sell the cakes already!