Fried potatoes, Eggs & Coffee.

FullSizeRender.jpgHey, hey!

It’s been a bit, and it might be a bit before the next one, but here is a nice little video I made for you all….

Click this link to see video: Monte makin’ Eggs!



Homemade Omelet by your favorite FOODIE!

Sorry I skipped last week, 1st time I skipped a week in over a year. I saw that my partner has given up on the site and stopped posting somewhat daily breakfast news updates and I was bummed and didn’t do one. My bad, it’s on me. It’s my site, my image, my name. My responsibility.

So I have a great one for ya this week!

A homemade Garbage Omelet! I called it that because every other Garbage Omelet uses whatever is in arms length. I did the same.

What I had available: potato, ham, spinach, corn, cheddar & a shredded Mexican cheese mix and farm fresh eggs, which are the best eggs! Oh, and lots n’ lots of butter!! Salt too.

Let’s get at then….


You don’t need to add anything to eggs!! Just beat em till they are frothy, that works best and makes em taste best! I hate when people add milk, don’t do it!!


If you are gonna use spinach, use a lot!! It cooks down to almost nothing, you need a lot for the flavor.


You know the deal… When it’s good, it is gone! Enjoy making this at home! You can do it with whatever YOU have available in your fridge! So easy, so tasty!!

Some fun at Square One!

Ok, today we are gonna get breakfast atta great spot called in Los Angeles called,

Square One, 4854 Fountain Ave. Los Angeles (East Hollywood)

I got the breakfast sandwich with bacon, two scrambled eggs, frisee, tomato and aioli on a choice of toast. It was delicious, but I could have ordered so much better here and I suggest you do when you visit. As you should. Because what I got was good but they are a killer sweets and specialty item breakfast spot. Like they have Brioche French Toast, Pancakes with Bacon Enriched Caramel Sauce, Chorizo Baked Eggs, and the list goes on….

But let’s get to what I got, the bacon n egg sammie….

Look, it was delicious but next time I will definitely order something much different.

Here are some pics I got from Yelp and myself. Thank you, Yelp!


Nat’s Early Bite Coffee Shop & Diner.

I am a sucker for Chicken Fried Steak, if I see it on a menu, more often than not i have to order it! So when I saw it on the menu here at Nat’s (the Sherman Oaks location) I put the menu down and readied my order. Done! So let’s get to it. I’ll start with the pertinent info then move to the meal!

Nat’s Diner: 14115 Burbank Blvd. Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Now for the Chicken Fried Steak!!

Doesn’t that just look pretty? This might be a meal you could propose too, I dunno.

Now let’s get outta here with some random interior & exterior shots, please.

Potato Eggs Benedict, The Best!

WOW!! This morning we are hitting the one and only:

THE GRIDDLE CAFE, 7916 W Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, Ca.

This place is absolutely ridiculous! I got tipped off to this place by my good man, Joe Schwartz, and he did me a solid telling me about this spot!

I couldn’t believe how large the food potions were!! I mean, not only is the food absolutely delicious, but they give you enough where one meal could/should feed 2 to 3 people. And if yer with children, you could easily feed a family of four with 2 of their pancakes. It’s crazy how much food they give you. CRAZY!!!

This place is so good, people line up 20 minutes before the door even opens. So get there early, it is absolutely worth the wait…. if you get there before they open. I believe it can be hours if you wait any longer, and that I wouldn’t stand for. But get there early, before the doors open and you’ll be all good.

Enough talk, let’s get to what i got.

I got the “Poached y Papas” Benedict: A thick slice of tender baked ham, two poached eggs served atop seasoned potato skins covered in hollandaise sauce. And I had the avocado added, for health reasons. 😉

Here we go:


And I know I said several people could kill one of these plates, but you know me…. if it’s good, it’s gone!


Ok, and now lots of photos of more food and the interior & exterior.  You are gonna love these pics and they should inspire you to visit…. immediately! Like, now!


Fried Chicken & Eggs.The Best!

If I had to choose a last meal it’d be tough not to choose Fried Chicken, and since Breakfast is my all time favorite meal of the day, Fried Chicken & Eggs stands the best chance at being my last meal. That being said, I’m not saying that last meal would come from the place I’m about to feature, but they stand a chance. I’m a hash browns guy and this place doesn’t do hash browns, they do potato pieces fried up with onions, which i love! Just not as much as hash browns.

So, where is this magical place of deliciousness? This place is located in the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles, which is super cool, at 1500 Colorado Blvd. I’m talking about:

CINDY’S RESTAURANT! (click their name to go to their site)

Cindy’s is really excellent! So far I have had a few different things to eat there and nothing has failed me, and they make their own pies. Yes, they make pie!! I mean, what more can you ask for? Besides maybe some bacon.

So let us get to it…



So good, it is gone!!!

I tell ya, this place is worth planning a family vacation around. Seriously. I love that damn fried chicken!

Now for some random shots from in and out of Cindy’s.