Homemade Omelet by your favorite FOODIE!

Sorry I skipped last week, 1st time I skipped a week in over a year. I saw that my partner has given up on the site and stopped posting somewhat daily breakfast news updates and I was bummed and didn’t do one. My bad, it’s on me. It’s my site, my image, my name. My responsibility.

So I have a great one for ya this week!

A homemade Garbage Omelet! I called it that because every other Garbage Omelet uses whatever is in arms length. I did the same.

What I had available: potato, ham, spinach, corn, cheddar & a shredded Mexican cheese mix and farm fresh eggs, which are the best eggs! Oh, and lots n’ lots of butter!! Salt too.

Let’s get at then….


You don’t need to add anything to eggs!! Just beat em till they are frothy, that works best and makes em taste best! I hate when people add milk, don’t do it!!


If you are gonna use spinach, use a lot!! It cooks down to almost nothing, you need a lot for the flavor.


You know the deal… When it’s good, it is gone! Enjoy making this at home! You can do it with whatever YOU have available in your fridge! So easy, so tasty!!


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