Potato Eggs Benedict, The Best!

WOW!! This morning we are hitting the one and only:

THE GRIDDLE CAFE, 7916 W Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, Ca.

This place is absolutely ridiculous! I got tipped off to this place by my good man, Joe Schwartz, and he did me a solid telling me about this spot!

I couldn’t believe how large the food potions were!! I mean, not only is the food absolutely delicious, but they give you enough where one meal could/should feed 2 to 3 people. And if yer with children, you could easily feed a family of four with 2 of their pancakes. It’s crazy how much food they give you. CRAZY!!!

This place is so good, people line up 20 minutes before the door even opens. So get there early, it is absolutely worth the wait…. if you get there before they open. I believe it can be hours if you wait any longer, and that I wouldn’t stand for. But get there early, before the doors open and you’ll be all good.

Enough talk, let’s get to what i got.

I got the “Poached y Papas” Benedict: A thick slice of tender baked ham, two poached eggs served atop seasoned potato skins covered in hollandaise sauce. And I had the avocado added, for health reasons. 😉

Here we go:


And I know I said several people could kill one of these plates, but you know me…. if it’s good, it’s gone!


Ok, and now lots of photos of more food and the interior & exterior.  You are gonna love these pics and they should inspire you to visit…. immediately! Like, now!



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