Fried Chicken & Eggs.The Best!

If I had to choose a last meal it’d be tough not to choose Fried Chicken, and since Breakfast is my all time favorite meal of the day, Fried Chicken & Eggs stands the best chance at being my last meal. That being said, I’m not saying that last meal would come from the place I’m about to feature, but they stand a chance. I’m a hash browns guy and this place doesn’t do hash browns, they do potato pieces fried up with onions, which i love! Just not as much as hash browns.

So, where is this magical place of deliciousness? This place is located in the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles, which is super cool, at 1500 Colorado Blvd. I’m talking about:

CINDY’S RESTAURANT! (click their name to go to their site)

Cindy’s is really excellent! So far I have had a few different things to eat there and nothing has failed me, and they make their own pies. Yes, they make pie!! I mean, what more can you ask for? Besides maybe some bacon.

So let us get to it…



So good, it is gone!!!

I tell ya, this place is worth planning a family vacation around. Seriously. I love that damn fried chicken!

Now for some random shots from in and out of Cindy’s.


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